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Painel LED azul

Enter and Dive into the
New Era of Sports

The Solution

SPORTYLED is the latest Portuguese solution for sports scoreboards of LED technology for viewing the timing of indoor and outdoor sports, advertising and information of general interest.
This solution allows us to communicate with panels of any size, configuration, pixel or LED panel brand, thus enabling the use of existing ones.

Jogo de Basquete

What are the advantages of the Solution?

  • It is easy to use

  • Robustness of complementary equipment:

  • Possibility of obtaining a template per sport and/or event

  • Possibility to edit sponsorships in templates

  • High image resolution – P4 and P5 pixels

  • Versatility of use in various types of events

  • Ease of remote access technical support

  • Fast delivery time

What are the features of the Solution?

Sport Mode:

  • Stopwatch

  • Players and teams scores

  • Name and emblem of teams or national teams

  • Players name

  • Player and team fouls

Video Player Mode:

  • Visualization of advertisements in static format – image

  • Visualization of advertisements in dynamic format – video as a playlist

Painel LED RGB

The future is now!

This solution is way more than just a scoreboard.

It is a short, medium and long term investment.
Due to its versatility, it makes it possible to generate revenue through dynamic advertising in sporting, cultural, social, religious events and/or to promote the region and local companies.

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